EuroCash Legal

Judicial debt recovery can follow EuroCash´s clearing procedure immediately; EuroCash Legal has several years´ of experience in the field of judicial enforcement in Germany and abroad. Clients can choose between lawsuits in Germany and execution abroad or lawsuits and execution abroad; the choice is determined in part by time and the cost preferences of the client. EuroCash strives to enforce claims by way of summary proceedings in foreign countries. EuroCash prepares the documentation with respect to foreign codes of procedure. It takes into account national formal prerequisites such as for powers of attorney and allowable evidence, for example. Fee agreements have been entered into with correspondent law firms in major countries.

Enforcement of Judgments

Judgments will be enforced. In some cases it is recommended to check on the debtor´s credit standing first.

Longterm Monitoring of Claims

EuroCash offers long-term monitoring of enforceable judgments in Germany and abroad.