The Problem

Do you recognize this situation? You have delivered on time. The goods are without defects. No complaints. Yet your customer does not pay by due rate. You remind him once, twice. Consult your claims department. Without results. 

The Solution - Claims Management with EuroCash

The involvement of EuroCash Clearing serves to reduce the level of unpaid claims internationally and domestically. It is an instrument to use in particular to accelerate payment by customers whom the company does not wish to lose. EuroCash Clearing takes over the centralized role of contacting customers. It moreover offers advice on internal organizational processes, pre-financing of claims through obtaining factoring offers, reducing the risk presented by bad debts by way of credit insurance and enforcing a claim by instituting court proceedings. EuroCash has more than fifteen years´ experience in the field of debt collection Europe-wide.

Your advantage

Eurocash Clearing offers the following services:

  • our international staff in EuroCash´s headquarters office in Hanover
  • experienced and proven Clearing Network Europe-wide  
  • fast legal proceedings and enforcement of judgments abroad