Your experienced Clearing Partner.

EuroCash offers you an effective instrument for your claims management: We place your overdue claims in our European wide clearing system. We evaluate your specific needs individually in a clearing plan.You determine the exact clearing procedure. We contact your debtors quickly, directly and in their local language.In critical cases we enforce your claim using the courts, promptly and throughout Europe. Low costs without contingency commissions make EuroCash clearing very economical for you.

EuroCash Clearing
  • procedure concentrates on crossborder trade in Europe
  • is to be involved only in cases of overdue claims
Clearing as a means of debt collection or service factoring is
  • useful if prefinancing is not necessary
  • an ideal supplement to credit insurance
  • suitable for small value, high volume trade ( without letter of credit)
  • convenient for businesses that often issue many invoices in smal
Fast Client Contact
  • 24-hours service, 20-days Clearing
  • neutral contact with debtors without burdening the business relationship of company/customer (fosters objectivity)
  • contacting customers without burdening the distribution or customer service personnel of the company
  • individual tailoring of letters of collection notices to the corporate style (debt collection is marketing)
  • encouraging payment or individual complaint information by creating categories of response
  • not discernible to customers whether clearing is connected with prefinancing/factoring or credit insurance
  • use of information collected on debtor responses
  • direct clearing correspondence with debtors in foreign languages
Presence on the Scene
  • several years´ experience in debt collection throughout Europe, network of cooperating law firms
  • worldwide correspondent network in selected countries
Direct Legal Enforcement
  • direct legal enforcement of claims by lawyers through our network of correspondent law firms
Relief for Your Bookkeeping Department
  • no release of the entire amount of claims at once, but only after the second payment reminder (unlike factoring)
  • bookkeeping remains with the company: EuroCash only records response (no deviation in bookkeeping)
  • collection steps can be controlled by the company (e. g. repetition of payment reminder)
High Economic Efficiency
  • small lump sum collection fee
  • no fee contingent on success is charged for collected claims processed as part of the clearing packet covering initial debtor notification
  • clearing fee is imposed on debtor; in case of non-payment a minimal fee (1,5 % or minimum fee of EUR 60,00) is charged (outside Germany imposition on debtor only possible if delay damages and judicial forum at EuroCash's place of business are agreed upon
  • Clearing procedure, using debtor reimbursement of collection costs, interest advantage, and saved expenses, can be cost-neutral for company
  • liquidity advantage of up to 20% of accounts receivable over a period of 2 months/ corresponds to about 5 % of annual sales volume

Efficiency in Debt Collection

  • tailored selection of customers and their credit-level
  • timely measures towards
  • disciplines customer base
  • customer relations are maintained
  • Increase in Efficiency and Security
  • avoids liquidity problem
  • avoids loss of interes
  • preventive impact on future business relations