Your debt collection at home and abroad

Do you know the situation? You have delivered on time. The goods are free of defects.
No complaints. Nevertheless, your customer does not pay when due. You send a reminder once – twice. Consult your claims department.

Without result.

Poor payment behaviour, however, means loss of interest, liquidity problems, default risk, insolvency risk.

The EuroCash service includes

  • own international staff at the headquarters in Hannover
  • tried and tested pan-European clearing network with proven partners
  • rapid legal enforcement and enforcement abroad

EuroCash Clearing

Your competent solution for international claims management

EuroCash Clearing reduces your receivables inventories at home and abroad. In particular, it is an instrument for accelerating payments to your customers who you as a company do not want to lose. EuroCash Clearing takes over the external customer approach.

  • tailored to your needs
  • quick
  • efficient
  • economic
  • sustainable

Success with EuroCash

needs-based   We tailor our approach to your company.

fast                    Our team speaks directly to your customers throughout Europe.

efficient            A streamlined process ensures high success rates at home and abroad.

economical      EuroCash works at low flat rates. You do not pay any success commission in rule clearing.

sustainable      EuroCash Clearing preserves your customer base and improves payment morale.