Eurocash – Your partner for international claims management

EuroCash Clearing – Your competent solution for international receivables management

EuroCash Clearing reduces your receivables inventories at home and abroad. In particular, it is an instrument for accelerating payments to your customers who you as a company do not want to lose. EuroCash Clearing takes over the external customer approach. EuroCash’s service includes

  • own international staff
  • pan-European clearing network
  • Titling and enforcement abroad

EuroCash Clearing – for your international business

EuroCash offers you an effective instrument for your receivables management: We systematically collect your overdue receivables throughout Europe in the clearing system. We take your operational specifics into account individually in the clearing plan. You determine the exact clearing procedure. We address your debtors quickly, directly and in the local language. In the event of a crisis, we also enforce your receivables legally and without delay throughout Europe. Low costs make EuroCash Clearing very economical for you.

EuroCash Clearing takes care of Europe-wide coordination for German clients. The EuroCash system serves both the collection of concrete receivables and the improvement of general payment behaviour. In addition, information on new customers can be obtained in advance if necessary.

London  Amsterdam  Brussels  Paris  Copenhagen  Stockholm  Oslo  Dublin Reykjavik  Vienna  Zurich  Luxembourg  Lisbon  Barcelona  Madrid  Milan  Athens  Warsaw  Prague  Budapest  Bucharest  Sofia  Istanbul  New York  Sao Paulo  Moscow  New Delhi  Shanghai  Beijing  Guangzhou – In other countries we work with further cooperation partners.

EuroCash Clearing – your experienced partner.

The EuroCash system was developed and organised by lawyers from practice for practice – it has proven itself throughout Europe for three decades. EuroCash cooperates in legal matters with ALLIURIS – Alliance of International Business Lawyers – and has partners in the important markets of the world. An international team of specialists is available to assert your interests domestically and abroad. We support you with creditworthiness and contract controlling right from the start.