Eurocash – Your efficient clearing system



EuroCash Clearing

  • concentrates on cross-border deliveries in Europe
  • not required for all export invoices, but only for overdue stock

EuroCash Clearing works as debt collection or service factoring

  • useful if pre-financing of the receivable is not required
  • Ideal supplement to credit insurance
  • suitable for bulk business (without letter of credit)
  • favorable, if frequent bills with smaller amounts arise

We manage your foreign receivables

EuroCash focuses on cross-border deliveries in Europe. The clearing procedure does not have to cover all export invoices, but only the overdue inventory. The EuroCash system is particularly suitable for bulk business, where no letters of credit are issued but you deliver on open account. And the clearing procedure is inexpensive if you frequently issue invoices with small amounts.

We take over the tracking of your overdue receivables as debt collection or as service factoring. Clearing makes sense if you do not need expensive pre-financing of receivables, it is an ideal supplement to credit insurance.

We talk to your customers

We address your customers neutrally – without stressing the business relationship and mostly in their own language. This means that you do not burden your field staff and your sales staff, who prefer to go after new orders rather than on debt collection.

EuroCash appears to your customers as a professional clearing agent; your customers cannot see whether clearing is associated with pre-financing or factoring or credit insurance.

We take care of your bad payers

You do not have to transfer your total amount of receivables to EuroCash, but only the receivables after the second reminder (other than factoring). Your accounts receivable will remain with the company, we at EuroCash only keep track of the information, and you therefore have no posting variances. This is a significant relief for your finance department.

We control the individual collection steps on the basis of your individual clearing plan. Should your customer still not have paid after our reminder, we will immediately initiate legal enforcement of the claims by lawyers.

We are on site

Our partner offices are present in Europe and the world’s major markets. They are close to the customer and can respond specifically to the circumstances in the country and the situation of the customer. Our own network of legal cooperation partners has been tried and tested for many years.